Our mission is to improve the quality of social and economic life of neighbourhood communities and making a positive contribution to the life of all those who are directly or indirectly impacted by our business, products and services.

The community engagement projects at Essar Energy's India locations are undertaken through the Essar Group Foundation (the 'Essar Foundation'), which is a registered not for profit organisation under the Indian Trust Act, 1882. The engagement model is designed to deliver maximum value to the community in line with the Essar Foundation's philosophy.

Our mission towards socio-economic improvement of neighbourhood communities is an investment for the future and follows an equally dedicated and in-depth execution approach which is as follows:

  • Assessment of social structure and understanding the socio-economic and political dynamics
  • Identification and implementation of projects in line with business goals and government programs
  • Third party assessment to evaluate the positive impact of our community projects

Millennium development goals (MDGs)

During the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000, a collective promise was made by 193 United Nations member states and the world's leading development institutions to free people from extreme poverty and multiple deprivations. This pledge became the eight millennium development goals to be achieved by 2015.

Essar Energy aims to accelerate progress towards achievement of these goals.

Please see the table on page 37 for the approach and contribution made last year against each goal. Following this are more details on some of the projects which Essar Energy has been engaged in across the various segments, plus case studies, which together illustrate the broad spectrum of work which has been undertaken in this area.

Millenium Development Goal Our approach Our contribution last year
Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Support the Shishu Mangalam project which identifies and corrects malnutrition

Empowering the poor to earn a livelihood and avoid poverty and hunger 
Scientific study of prevalence of malnutrition and eradication measures through the Shishu Mangalam project

Training of underpriviledged youth to entre the workforce in skilled jobs 
Achieve universal primary education Enabling education through infrastructure, facilities, learning environment, well-trained teachers, scholarships, enrolment drives and free education to primary children in the vicinity of our Indian sites Upgraded three existing aanganwadis (child development centres) in Vadinar and Salaya

Provided skill based and vocational training to 538 people at Durgapur and 100 at Tori

Adopted 25 primary schools in Durgapur for providing food, sports equipment and inter alia benefiting 2,220 children

Provided free education, library facility and organised extra-curricular activities benefiting 850 children in Mahan

Organised events in Vadinar, Salaya and Durgapur on alternative education benefiting 6,728 children
Promote gender equality and empower women Empower women through financial independce and freedom of decision making Providing training in rural skills such as livestock management, stitching, monetary management and kitchen gardening and food nutrition. Linking vocational training in areas such as stitching, tailoring and handicrafts with the market to facilitate additional income. Providing rural girls with the skills to enter the workforce
Improve maternal health, reduce child mortality, combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases Strengthen the existing health system for effective delivery of Government health programmes and build for the community level health functions through infrastructure, facilities, and specialist personnel in remote locations.  Preventive and curative healthcare; infant healthcare, ambulance and 24x7 institutional delivery services
Ensure environmental sustainability Improve the overall environmental situation in the vicinity of our operations by maintaining their natural habitat and restoring the ecological balance  Plantation drive of over 15,000 saplings, water harvesting, renewable energy and anti-plastic drives

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