Our Group Structure

  • Energy

    Oil & Gas
    2,034 mmboe reserves
    34 MMTPA refining capacity*
    1,400 retail outlets

    463** MT coal reserves
    3,910 MW operational capacity






    *includes Vadinar and Stanlow
    **includes Rampia Coal Mine and excludes Amelia Coal Mine

  • Steel

    Raw Material
    2bn tonnes of iron reserves
    27 MTPA pellet plants
    172 MT cool reserves

    Steel Making & Retail
    14 MMTPA steel-making capacity
    5 MMTPA processing and distribution capacity
    350 retail outlets under the Essar Hypermart brand

  • Infrastructure

    Engineering, procurement & construction
    2nd largest equipment bank in India

    104 MTPA operational capacity
    181 MTPA total capacity

  • Services

    25 ships, 15 rigs incl. semisubmersible and 4,200 chartered tricks

    55 global Aegis locations

    Real Estate
    ~16 million sq ft. Portfolio in residential, commercial and mixed use projects

    Telecom Services
    GSM services in Kenya
    900 branded retail outlets

Essar Energy

Shareholder structure of Essar Energy plc
Essar Global
Free-float post IPO
Essar Power
Essar Oil India
Public Shareholders
Essar Oil UK



(a) Pre IPO, Essar Energy invested US$293.3mn via GDRs in Essar Oil  which reduced the public free-float of Essar Oil to 10.6% at Admission. Post IPO, Essar Energy invested US$225mn via GDRs in Essar Oil which reduced the public free-float of Essar Oil to 10.04%.In December 2013, Essar Energy converted  entire holding of FCCBs into Equity, further reducing the public free float of Essar Oil to 9.46%.

(b) Essar Energy also has an option to acquire a further 0.46% of Essar Oil's shares from other Essar companies at market price by June 2014. This will increase Essar Energy's stake in Essar Oil to 89.96%

(c) Current 98.27% economic interest (74% equity interest), remaining 1.73% economic interest (26% equity interest) is owned by Essar Steel and is the subject of a share purchase agreement with Essar Energy to sell the shares to Essar Energy. Completion to take place subject to fulfilment of conditions.

(d) Essar Oil UK  which is the Stanlow Refinery in the UK, is 100% subsidiary of Essar Energy plc post acquisition in July 2011.

* Excludes 16,973,961 shares (1.3%) under equity swap agreement


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